(and how does it make you feel if you don’t?!)

Knowing that I am due to undertake an Artist’s Date (AD) once a week, I had ear-marked Sunday for the latest experience.  I find I enjoy having the impetus of a date to stimulate thinking about new things to do, and places to visit.  My proposed date, however, niggled at the back of my mind.  I had provisionally booked in to attend a Shamanic drumming circle.  It sounded fun, and a relaxing experience for a Sunday afternoon.  I would also meet new people.

The faint, nagging, concern continued.  Would this really be an AD, I fretted, as I would not be undertaking it alone?!

I logged into the meetup group, where I had first discovered the drumming circle.  Frustratingly, I noted that there was no address!  This was to have been sent direct.  I fired off an email, and pondered what to do…

The other thought that had been in my mind was to make use of my National Trust membership card, and to visit a local property.  Each year, as Spring approaches, I say to myself that I need to explore, and take more interest in the beautiful local area.  Usually, I get caught up in the usual routine, and end up not doing so!

As time was now tight for me to attend the drumming circle, I resolved to set off for Charlecote Park.  I felt myself relax slightly, this would indeed be a solo AD!!

How silly is that, I mused to myself during the short drive.  The whole point of the date is to do something creative, and here I am worrying about whether I am meeting the criteria effectively!  I smiled wryly!  How conditioned I am to “do the right thing”.

On arrival at the Park, I was thrilled to espy clumps of brilliant yellow daffodils, and deer clustered together within easy reach.  How wonderful!  I ventured forward, admiring the gentle expressions on their faces, and the soft array of browns, whites, and dappled coats sported by the deer.  Slightly nervous at first by their sudden movements, lest they took fright and charged at me, I quickly realised that they were more skittish that violent!   One particular deer took great delight in staring straight at my phone, as I snapped away, as if used to being the centre of attention!  I noticed how their antlers provided a majestic, air of importance as they sat contentedly, enjoying the cool breeze.

Sue Williams Blog III March

I stayed in the grounds for this date.   There are some wonderful, twisty old trees, around 180 or more years old!   A pleasant stroll around the open spaces was enough to satisfy my artist’s soul!

In the Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron talks about synchronicity.  I believe that the Universe conspired to give me a gentle nudge in the right direction by hiding that address from me…  I felt refreshed and rejuvenated by my solo walk in nature.

How do you feel about breaking the rules?   Where does sticking to the rules stifle your creativity?  It would be great to hear your experiences!