I am very excited to have recently completed my first anthology of poems, I Am Unique, which launches on Amazon on 30 November 2017. It is almost exactly a year since I committed to writing it.

Writing a book can be like a marathon, and often the journey begins BEFORE you start putting pen to paper. Looking back over my journey, it really started in 2012, when I finally succumbed to advice to journal – this had been a message I was given a few times by different people!
Once I committed to writing morning pages on consecutive days for at least 3 weeks, I discovered why… journaling unlocked my creativity and imagination and to my surprise, led me to write in rhyme. I then went on to publish 2 anthologies of true stories and poetry by a number of wonderful women.

Fast forward to now, and not only am I publishing my own book, my story will also be appearing in an anthology of stories Women of Spirit, collated and photographed by the wonderful Susie Mackie!

The morning pages is a technique devised by Julia Cameron in her book, The Artists Way. A couple of weeks ago, I had the honour of meeting Julia for the second time this year. On this occasion, I was delighted to present her with a copy of my poetry book, and thank her for the role she had to play in starting it all off!

News item Dec 2017

One of the lines in my Believe poem reads: “sow and nurture the seeds of positivity, purposefulness and joy.” I can now see how starting to write morning pages was a seed I planted back in 2012, and nurtured until it grew into a book.

Where in your life do you see that you have come full circle, having nurtured the seeds you planted some time ago?