I recently had the pleasure of attending the launch of This Book Means Business, written by Alison Jones. This book aims to inspire and encourage others to write their own business book. It was truly a celebratory event, held at a wonderful venue the Free Word centre in London – emblazoned with various inspirational quotes, this proved a very fitting choice! It was wonderful to watch Alison during the evening – she clearly enjoyed every moment of her event – and to join in her delight at achieving no.1 in several categories on Amazon!

Attending this uplifting occasion reminded me how important it had been to me to celebrate completion of my own books. And, as the first two, Believe You Can Succeed and Believe You Can are both collaborations with several female authors each contributing their own true stories, hints and tips on the topic of self-belief, it had felt even more important to gather together and to bring the stories to life through short presentations. At the second event, we even enjoyed an energetic dance or two to songs by contributor and singer/songwriter Elyse. G. Rogers…

Sue Williams Group Picture

Every author will have their own idea about whether or not to hold a launch event for their book. However, if you do, it is a great opportunity to:


  1. Celebrate your achievement with friends, family and others who have supported you on your journey to publication.
  2. Create a buzz about your book! Especially if the event is open to a broader audience who may be attracted by the topic, the nature of your event or perhaps want ideas and behind the scenes inspiration for their own launch. Publicising the event on social media and asking friends and family to share posts will bring the event and therefore the book to the attention of a wider audience.
  3. Invite the local press, charities or local dignitaries such as the mayor. Who you decide to invite will depend on the nature of your book and whether or not you are supporting a good cause. However, a good news story is generally of interest locally, and if you decide to support a local charity this can be a win/win for both parties.
  4. Gain sponsorship. It may be that a local venue or business might be interested in sponsoring the event in exchange for a mention in publicity, or information placed in goodie bags on the night.
  5. Practice your author signature. Set aside a corner of the room to display the books and allocate some time during the event to personally sign books.
  6. Above all, enjoy your moment!


I will soon be contributing some of my poetry to the forthcoming book Soulful Musings by Chrisoula Sirigou. I recited my poem, “Celebration” at the pre-launch event. Perhaps you might want to reflect on how often you take the opportunity to take time out to celebrate your successes?



Too often we forget to celebrate. Lost in the daily maze
We go about our tasks, move from one to the next,
Become irate, frazzled, suddenly vexed,
Perhaps it’s because we left it too late to celebrate.

To achieve takes time. There is reason in the rhyme,
Rhyme in our reason. Constant as the changing season,
Life moves on; little time to revisit, ponder on
How creative flow addresses those intricacies, our successes.

Stand back, admire the view, as artist purveys
Her oil fuelled hue. Gaze anew, in awe and wonder
At the brushstrokes fine, reflected shine of golden gown.
I dare you, smile, appreciate, disown that jaundiced frown.

Celebrate with pride. Before you resurrect your easel,
Pick up you fork, garnish your glass, “pop” goes the weasel!
Dance, rejoice, shout and sing, invite your friends to join right in,
It’s in the celebration of our gifts, that the wisest truly win.


This Book Means Business, Believe You Can Succeed and Believe You Can are all available on Amazon.