I am delighted to announce the launch of the updated version of my first book, Believe You Can Succeed.

Filled with inspirational stories from 26 inspiring women and a whole host of exercises, hints and tips to help women to build their self-belief, this is a great book to have on your bedside table. Dip into it when you need to feel uplifted, or seek help to strengthen your confidence or resolve.

Here is what LoveReading.com had to say about the book, when it was featured as their self-help read of the week earlier in August:

“Comprising a range of sister-to-sister, friend-to-friend nuggets of advice, this anthology o personal stories of survival and success seeks to give women the confidence to tackle challenges and flourish on their own terms.

The women’s experiences range from making “seize the day” type moves across the world, to getting through grief, to getting qualifications and starting new enterprises later in life. It’s peppered with poems which seek to embolden, and is abundant in practical and spiritually-oriented action points and exercises that aim to set readers on the path to self-belief.”

When you buy the e-book on amazon kindle for just 0.99 on Friday 30th August between the hours of 9 am and 12 noon, you will also be entitled to free access to a series of inspirational videos from the event Your Signature Success Story for 2 whole months.

The videos include inspirational talks by 5 of the authors featured in Believe You Can Succeed – Sue Williams, Lynda Holt, Helen Elizabeth Evans, Natasha Black and Nicci Bonfanti.

Join me over on my Facebook page Author and Poet Sue Williams between the hours of 9 am and 12 noon on Friday 30th August, and let’s join together to celebrate powerful stories, uplifting quotes and tried and tested advice that will help you to believe you can succeed!

I really hope you can join us to celebrate!