What a fantastic launch week we had for Believe You Can Live a Life You Love at 50+! On Wednesday over 20 of the contributing authors gathered for a special celebration, at which they had their first opportunity to hold the book in their hands. Hushed silence fell as each one sought out their contribution, and became engrossed in reading their words once more! Later it was wonderful to hear authors reading excerpts from their chapters, or poems they had contributed. And, the sun shone enabling us to go out into the garden for a fantastic group photograph!

50 Believe Book Cover 2019

Friday September 20th marked the online launch, and what an exciting day it was! Checking back on Amazon on an hourly basis to chart the progress of the book up the best-seller charts, until finally it reached number 1 in two categories, including the prized Personal Transformation section!

If you fancy seeing what all the excitement was about, you can purchase your own copy of the book here! Remember, it would make a great gift for a mum, auntie or grandma who needs a dose of inspiration or a confidence boost.


Sue Williams 50 Believe Book Launch 2 WEB