Sue is delighted to announce that her poetry book: I Am Unique has struck Gold in the Janey Loves awards! This uplifting collection of 66 poems aimed to inspire women achieved No.1 in its category on Amazon when it was first launched, knocking none other than Jane Austen off the top spot!

Sue has now achieved double Gold as her inspirational Believe Oracle Cards app also triumphed in the 2017 awards!

You can purchase a copy of I Am Unique for just £7 from Amazon using this link.

Here is a taster to whet your appetite!


Dark and edgy,

Teetering on the brink of urban sprawl.

The rocky road to our first kiss

Explodes into vibrant colour,

Now, tightly held; in thrall.

Silhouetted against the skyline,

Backs no longer pressed against the wall,

Merging deep into blissful eternity

As rainbow colours sublimely radiate,

And majestically fall.