Author Interviews: As they enter midlife, women may lose touch with their enthusiasm for life. They might also have dreams they still want to fulfil. This series of interviews with authors aged 50+ aims to inspire these women to make their next years their best years!

Q: Where do you hail from?

Currently I live in Cape Town, South Africa – I was born in Bethlehem in the Free State, South Africa

Q: What one thing do you like most about where you live?

The astounding natural beauty of mountain and ocean

Q: List no more than 5 words to describe yourself.

Mystic, Intuitive, Creative, Spirit Woman

Q: At what age did you start writing?

Five – I made books from Bauhinia tree leaves and wrote in them with thorns. I also wrote ‘’stories’’ in my special story copy book which I would read to my mother.

Q: What is the title of your book, and what inspired you to write it?

Sparkle! Your Life by Design not Default

The realisation that I might die without having manifested my deepest dream caused me to write it before I turned 70.

I started 4 weeks before that day, and published it 6 weeks after penning the first words. Publishing it on Amazon was my 45th wedding anniversary gift to my beloved husband, Johan.

Q: What influenced you to write about life and motivation?

Human potential development and self actualisation is the field of interest that I have been exploring since the age of thirteen.

Q: How do you wish to inspire others with your writing?

Through vividly illustrated anecdotes of my life in South Africa and Zambia, I bring others a new perspective of life to live as creators of their life, rather than as reactors to their life. My writing is always focused on providing uplifting inspiration, and includes the processes that I personally use to bring into being what I love.

Q: Do you feel your writing nature changed after you turned 50? If so, how?

My writing nature has always been the same – deeply connected to Spirit as Source. My deepening understanding of our true nature and purpose is reflected in my later work.

Q: What impact do you think your book(s) will have on women aged above 50?

Women over 50 take heart, and are inspired to express their own purpose when they read my work. I am a powerful example of one who is living what she teaches.

Q: How do you motivate yourself at age 50+?

Inspiration requires no motivation!

I NEVER motivate myself. Motivation means that one is not inspired, and one has to use external tools and strategies to move towards the desired result.

I am INSPIRED which means that I am ‘’in-Spirit’’ and expressing my truth in ways that inspire me.

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Q: Do you believe you are living the life you have always wanted?

I have always wanted to know myself, master my energy, and Light the way for others to find their own way. I keep growing in doing so. The short answer then is, yes!

Q: How has your writing affected your quality of life?

My writing has given me the inner poise, and confidence to know that I am expressing my true nature and purpose, and this has an expansive ripple effect in all areas of my life which heightens the quality of my life.

Writing and Inspirational speaking light me up. This carries through to all areas of my life, as radiating my light, and sharing my wisdom creatively with others, fulfils me.

Q: Which book or author has most helped you change your life at the age of 50+?

Ouch! Only one? Robert Fritz probably just pips William Whitecloud and Dr John Demartini.

Q: What piece of advice do you have for other women over the age of 50 that could help them live the rest of their lives in the best way possible?

Master the skill of holding the tension of the discrepancy in your life, and choose to take action that will bring into being that which you love, rather than trying to fix that which pains you.

This makes you a creator of your life, rather than a reactor to your life, and the result is a sense of fulfilment.

Your dream has no expiration date but you do! Choose to bring it into being.

Q: Please share an inspiring or motivational excerpt from your current book?

Excerpt from Chapter 8 – WOUNDS – of ‘’Sparkle! Your Life by Design not Default’’

“We are on an adventure here, with all of the elements necessary for living a magical and fulfilling life at our full disposal – always.
We are born with it already in us. It is how we manipulate matter, and respond energetically to our experiences in matter, which determines the life we create.
Mostly we do so by default rather than by design.
We react to our pain, rather than be present to it, and consciously choosing what we would love.
Whenever we are reactive, we dim our sparkle.
We become heavy, grave, and gravity has its way with us, causing our physiology to reflect that as ageing, and dis-ease.
It becomes even more challenging then for us to remember that we are born as genius creators with wild imagination and rampant curiosity.
It becomes even more challenging for us to remember that this life of ours is a glorious adventure. The exploration of expressing our Soul Spark through our own absolutely unique, individuated physiology and psychology with all of our beloved planet as our playground.
It becomes even more challenging to boot-strap ourselves out of the pit we have dug ourselves into and feel mired in.
However! We have God breathing us. We have Life.
Love is our destiny.
There will be a turning point.
The Light entering you through the wounding you experience will allow you to explore, expand and grow into unveiling your True Self.
Into realising that all of your life is a gift from Life.
That there is nothing but Love. The love which Sources us and which we are returning to.
Our quest here is a conscious realisation of, and union with, unconditional love.
To this end we experience all that we have in our life.”

Q: What can we expect from you in the future?

‘’Sparkle! Your Life by Design not Default’’ is the first book in a trilogy.

I am already writing the second one ‘’Nothing But Love!’’ (working title) to be published on Amazon as paper back and Kindle by the end of March 2020.

The third will be out later this year.

I plan to keep writing books till my dying day!

I offer workshops, retreats and courses around the themes of my books.

My topics for my Inspirational speaking engagements are similarly themed.

Q: How can we contact you or find out more about your books?

‘’Sparkle! Your Life by Design not Default ’’ by Renette Hinsbeeck-Nel is available as paper back and Kindle on Amazon and the South African print edition directly from me.

Email me at the following or find me on my website

Social Media; here is my Facebook Sparkle Page. My main FB page. Here is my YouTube Channel and my LinkedIn Profile.


This series of Q and A with female authors aged 50 and above, helps us understand how they use their books to help change lives and motivate other women above 50 to live a life they love. If you, or someone you know, would like to participate, please Contact Me.