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Welcome to the award-winning Believe Oracle Cards. Visit this page each day for a free card reading. This is a simple and effective way to :

  • Receive daily inspiration
  • Get to know yourself better
  • Focus on an aspect of self-belief that is significant for you
  • Overcome the challenges you face.
  • Grow and strengthen your belief in yourself

Each time you receive a card, you are invited to review a particular aspect of your beliefs. You will be given three questions to help you to reflect on what the message means to you. Each time you take action on a card you will start to transform your life.

Free readings

The deck consists of 54 colourful cards. Click to shuffle, then click to choose a card at random with a special message for today.

Once you have selected your card for the day, click on it again to see the questions. You may also need to scroll down for all of the text


2019 Janey Loves Sue Williams GOLD

The Believe cards and app have become a daily tool which I use for both business and private purposes. I have used many divination cards before but these are my new favourites. I am extremely happy with my purchases.

Rosanna Monachello

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Believe In Your Spirituality

What does spirituality mean to you?

How could you get more in touch with your spirituality?

What spiritual practices could you put into practice this week?

Review how it feels to reflect on your spirituality, and note down any thoughts and feelings that have come up for you. Note down how you might start or deepen your spiritual practices