Welcome to the award-winning Believe Oracle Card app


The award-winning Believe Oracle Card app consists of a deck of 54 colourful cards. Each card has been lovingly designed to help grow your self-belief and comes with a powerful individual message and uplifting image.

Use the Believe Oracle Card app like you would other oracle or affirmation cards. They can help you in a variety of powerful ways. Here’s some of them:

  • Strengthen your belief in yourself and increase your confidence
  • Tap into and hone your intuition so you feel tuned in
  • Receive a daily dose of inspiration to add colour to your day
  • Build confidence in your personal qualities, your abilities and your hidden talents
  • Review areas of your life in which you may struggle to trust in yourself, where you experience self-doubt or procrastination
  • Discover where you are simply repeating old, limiting patterns or areas where you are stuck and unsure how to move forward
  • Take action to bring inspired new experiences, people and opportunities into your life

And lots more!

The Believe cards and app have become a daily tool which I use for both business and private purposes. I have used many divination cards before but these are my new favourites. I am extremely happy with my purchases.

Rosanna Monachello

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Collect a butterfly each day as you transform!

Each time you pull a card, you will be guided to review a particular aspect of your beliefs. Each time you take action on a card you will start to transform your life. You will be rewarded with a beautiful butterfly to remind you of the progress you are making! The Believe Oracle Cards are a simple and effective way of getting to know yourself and to overcome challenges you face. These uplifting cards will help you get in touch with your authentic self, and take action to achieve your dreams!


  • You can download the Believe Oracle Cards app for just £2.97.
  • Find the Believe Oracle Cards App on the Google Play Store.
  • The app can also be used to complement the books Believe You Can Face Your Fears and Confidently Claim the Life You Desire and Believe You Can Succeed
This App really is a delightful little addition to any daily uplifting one may need. Its beautiful design and the colours used make it a feast for the eyes, and of course, lifts one’s spirit as soon as you see them. Buckso Dillon-Woolley

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