Gift the Special Person in Your Life a Signed Copy of Believe You Can

By Amazon Number One best-selling author Sue Williams

£6.50, including UK postage & packaging

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The Perfect Gift for Mums, Sisters, Daughters & Close Female Friends or Colleagues.

This fabulous book is filled with personal success stories designed to provide motivation for women!

Dear Soul Sister,

My name is Sue Williams and what I love to do is help women explore their creativity and reach their highest potential, and today I’d love to offer you a very special personalised gift:

A signed copy of my book, Believe You Can – Face Your Fears and Confidently Claim the Life You Desire, a beautiful, uplifting collection of true stories and poems, contributed by women just like you.

I can sign the book to yourself, or to the person you wish to gift it to – your sister, your best friend, your mother – someone close to you who means the world to you, who would benefit from an inspirational read.

And then for the special half-price offer of £6.50, including UK postage and packaging I can send the book either to yourself, or your recipient.

So, if you or your beloved friend, colleague, mum or sister:

Has gorgeous big dreams and would love to touch the world

Loves to express themselves through her creativity (for example, writing, photography, music, cooking or gardening), or would love to express themselves more creatively!

Is a secret female goddess full of divine energy and you’re so grateful to have her in your life

BUT struggles to achieve or manifest her dreams and goals through self-doubt, procrastination or overwhelm

Then go ahead and gift them the book today.

(limited copies available at this special half-price offer, first come first served!)
Full of inspirational quotes, personal stories, trusted techniques and poems, including an introduction by Hay House author Sasha Allenby, Believe You Can is full of tried and tested advice; a joyous way of receiving a daily dose of inspiration for any woman. This is the perfect coffee table book or bedside read.
What a delightful book ‘Believe You Can’ is. I found myself laughing and crying as I read the heartfelt personal journeys shared by the amazing women who have contributed to this book. Packed full of helpful tips, insightful exercises, poems and quotes, Believe You Can teaches you that whatever your hardships and challenges in life it’s those very challenges that will lead you to personal and business success. Truly uplifting and inspiring I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to step into their personal power and make the rest of their lives the best of their lives!
Wendy Fry


I thoroughly enjoyed the stories in this inspirational book. I admire the courage and determination shown by these women in accomplishing what they desired. Sometimes, just letting go is as important as pushing ahead. Each author had something different to contribute, and there is a lovely blend of business and personal stories. I also love Sue’s poetry. She has selected the perfect poem for each section. This is a book that can be read from beginning to end, or just pick it up and let it fall open on a random page when you need some encouragement. You will no doubt find the perfect message for you in that moment. A brilliant book – I could not put it down!
Amanda Goldston

Life Alchemist

An enjoyable read, the mixture of stories and poems of real life stories are thought provoking and the exercises are recommended.

Each story is shared from the heart. Souls have been bared with such vulnerability and authenticity. This is where the beauty is. Although they are enlightening stories in their own right the thread that weaves them is the belief that everything that has happened is designed to develop our unique gifts. By changing their beliefs these women have not only conspired to change their own lives but to be an inspiration to others with their strength, tenacity and resilience. If you want a manual for living a fulfilled life this is the book for you. I loved the quote “Live life as if everything is rigged in your favour.
PO, Derby

Whether you are in need of an abundance of motivation or a small dose of inspiration to get you through a tough day, this is definitely a go-to book you will want to keep by your side. This book is perfect for every woman!
Mindee Beaver

A wonderful book to reveal your fullest potential!

A thoroughly uplifting and inspiring book! “Believe You Can” includes insightful real-life stories of courageous women and their journey to believing in themselves and their highest potential. Often, what stops many people from realising their dreams is not having the belief and conviction that they can do it. When you break through your fears, then you can become unstoppable. Let this book illuminate the path to unlocking your heart’s desires.
Meriflor Toneatto

Women’s Prosperity Expert

This book is an excellent read for anyone who wishes to feel inspired, supported and motivated. In this book, Sue has attracted great women writers who have willingly shared their challenges as well as their uplifting successes. The varied perspectives of these contributors mean that whoever you are you will find one or many of these stories will resonate for you. I absolutely loved reading Sue’s book and felt thankful as well as deeply touched to be a part of all these women’s share lives.
Mary Llewellyn

EFT Master

Fabulous book, very inspiring!

Sue Williams is powerful advocate for the exploration of creative self-expression for women. As well as running her own events and workshops designed specifically for women, she is the lead author of two anthologies of true stories on the topic of self-belief, the number one bestselling author of an uplifting anthology of verse ‘I am Unique’ and also the creator of the award winning Believe cards and app.