Live a Life You Love at 50+

Hello! Please start by reading this personal message to you.

A warm welcome to my website.

You are most likely here because there is a part of you which finds yourself thinking “there must be more to life than this!” Yet you feel held back by self-doubt and a lack of confidence in your ability to succeed on your own terms.

Perhaps you have been putting your dreams on hold for a long time, maybe you don’t feel you are ‘good enough’ or fear has stopped the ‘true’ you – the wise, wonderful woman you were born to be – from emerging. If this sounds like you, welcome, you are in the right place!

As a first step, you can register using the box to the right, for a free selection of my inspirational “Believe Oracle Cards”. These beautiful cards are designed to give you a quick confidence boost to start your day. You will find them in the handy tips guide I will send when you subscribe. The guide will help you to interpret what you learn about yourself as you use the “Believe Oracle Cards” on a regular basis.

Use the free card app for a daily dose of inspiration. Each time you use the app you will receive an uplifting message. Click on that message again to get questions to help you to learn more about yourself. Build your confidence and self-belief each time you reflect on your card of the day.

And, if you feel you would benefit from a wealth of uplifting stories, tried and tested hints and tips from other women who have faced similar issues to you, the “Believe You Can” book series is tailor made for you! Each book consists of true stories about how women have found the confidence and self-belief to overcome set-backs and to achieve success. Ideal to keep by your bed, or on the coffee table to dip into whenever you have a few moments to spare.

I look forward to getting to know you better as you start to face your fears, and confidently claim the life you desire!


Inspirational true stories and poetry to help you to build your self-belief, confidence and creative self-expression.


Award-winning Believe Oracle Cards app. 54 colourful cards with powerful individual messages, lovingly designed to help grow your self-belief.


Talks and workshops to inspire your creative self-expression.


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